• What is SquidHQ?

    SquidHQ is your standard Minecraft launcher with just one minor change. It allows you to join any Minecraft server, regardless of its state with Mojang’s blacklisting decisions.

  • Why use SquidHQ?

    If your favorite Minecraft server is blacklisted by Mojang, this launcher will allow you to easily bypass it without jumping through any hoops along the way. SquidHQ launcher makes this process faster & easier to bring back your freedom of choice when it comes to where you play.

  • What is the SquidHQ plugin?

    This exclusive plugin will work along the same way the votifier plugin operates. Servers will be able to reward players with in-game perks for using the SquidHQ launcher. This is useful for those who are not yet blacklisted, however, want to incorporate usage of SquidHQ launcher early. More information about the plugin will come soon!

  • Is SquidHQ open source?

    Yes! SquidHQ is and always will be open source. You can find the source code at this location: https://github.com/SquidHQ

  • Does SquidHQ come with any additional features?

    Absolutely not. The entire goal of SquidHQ is to provide a completely standard Minecraft launcher. The only change will be the removal and prevention of Mojang's blacklisting capabilites. We will never add any premium/sponsor features/slots nor any sort of bloatware to this project.

  • Minecraft Wont Start?

    If you end up getting one of the following errors:
    Pixel format not supported or Can't create java virtual machine, all you've gotta do is just install the Minecraft launcher from Mojang & then switch over to SquidHQ.